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Care Cube Extensions

Care Cube Extensions

It might simply be that you are no longer able to manage the stairs without excessive difficulty or an elderly relative has recently become a permanent part of the household. Perhaps a member of your family has recently suffered a disabling injury or that an existing disability is now being further exacerbated because of restricted mobility within your warm home. The simplest improvements in your existing floor layout can make a huge difference, without the major upheaval and costs of buying a new home. Our new Care Cube Extension range is the perfect solution. Additionally, there are HSE grants available to those looking to carry out alterations to their home. More about our Care Cube Extensions and the grants available, below.

Cube Extensions are the future innovative way of extending your home without major upheaval and cost. Get the space you need in a fraction of the time. Looking to extend an older house? No problem. Cube extensions are the perfect way to extend your home and transform it into a modern living space for everyone to enjoy.

All cube extensions are within planning permission guidelines and comply with all building regulations.

Enquire about cube house extensions in Galway with Reality Renovations Ltd. t/a Cube Extensions & Renovations below or keep reading.

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Why choose a Cube Extension?

  • A great cost-saving option

  • Timely with no major upheaval

  • Modern and innovative design

  • Increases the value of your home

  • A great new space to enjoy

  • Planning Permission not required for rear cube extensions up to 40 sqm

Care Cube Range



Size: 16 sqm   (4m x 4m)

Price:  *€25,600 Ex VAT

Suitable for: Detached or Semi-detached house in an estate or private dwelling in its own site.

Grants available: Up to €30k

*Prices subject to final engineer plans & current price increases


Size: 20.25 sqm   (4.5m x 4.5m)

Price:  *€32,000 Ex VAT

Suitable for: Detached or Semi-detached house in an estate or private dwelling in its own site.

Grants available: Up tp €30k

*Prices subject to final engineer plans & current price increases


Size: 4 sqm   (2m x 2m)

Price:  *€7,500 Ex VAT

Suitable for: Mini Care Cube or Classic Care Cube

*Prices subject to final engineer plans & current price increases


Care Cube Optional Extras

Here is a list of optional extras that you may add on to your chosen cube for an additional price:

  • Disability Bathroom

  • Home Monitoring Services for seniors

  • Additional windows/colours

  • Pitch Roof design

  • Alternative exterior finishes - metal cladding/copper/zinc/cedarwood

  • RSJ support and associated labour work

  • Underfloor heating

  • Utility/WC/Kitchen

  • Engineer plans

Want to find out more?

Home Alteration Grants Ireland

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Grants available

  • Housing Adaptation Grant - Up to €30k 
    The Housing Adaptation Grant for People with a Disability is available to assist in the carrying out of works which are reasonably necessary for the purposes of rendering a house more suitable for the accommodation of a person with a disability who has an enduring physical, sensory, mental health or intellectual impairment. 


  • Mobility Aids Grant - Up to €6k
    The Mobility Aids Housing Grant is available to cover a basic suite of works to address mobility problems, primarily, but not exclusively, associated with ageing. The works grant aided under the scheme include grab-rails, access ramps, level access showers, stair-lift/hoist (Occupation Therapist report required), other minor works deemed necessary to facilitate the mobility needs of a member of a household.

Where to apply: You should contact the Housing Department of your local authority.

Example of a Care Cube


The Project: Construct a Cube Extension onto the rear of a semi-detached house, attached via a link extension.


"Your professionalism, expertise and work ethic has delivered exactly what we set out to achieve in improving our home"

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Steps of a Cube Extension:

1: Contact us to arrange a free site survey to assess the exact location of your cube/size.
2. Engineer/plans
3. Contracts signed/desposit/payments, etc.




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